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7 Things About Artificial Hearts That You Should Know

Science 2.0
5 Cool Things About Artificial Hearts -Visit

Indiana’s 1st Use of the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Helped Pat O’Hara Beat Genetic Heart Failure

Indiana University Health Methodist Health Foundation - Visit

Fox 59
“Indiana man able to leave hospital thanks to portable artificial heart” - Visit

‘I’m a Heartless SOB’ Jokes Patient Discharged from Strong Memorial Hospital without a Human Heart

URMC Press Releases
After Long Recovery, Camillus Man Returns Home with Total Artificial Heart - Visit

Heart Transplant Patient Celebrates Nearly 15 Years of His ‘2nd Life,’ Thanks to the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart

The Cambrian
Amgen Tour's young-at-heart volunteer -Visit

SynCardia Systems, Inc.
Read what Bill Wohl was doing 10 years after his heart transplant -Visit

SynCardia Systems, Inc.
Bill Wohl's Journey of the Heart in his own words -Visit

Florida Teen, 16, Youngest SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Patient Discharged On the Freedom Portable Driver

Sanford teen leaves hospital with temporary artificial heart and portable driver - Visit
Sanford teen awaiting heart transplant after receiving temporary total artificial heart - Visit

Man’s Real-Life Experiences with the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Detailed on Social Media Site

Business Insider Australia
How This 40-Year-Old Completed A 4-Mile Road Race Without A Human Heart -Visit

Medical Design Technology
Photos of the Day: Walking Without a Heart -Visit

Bleacher Report
Not Having a Human Heart Didn't Stop This Amazing Man from Completing Race -Visit

Medical Daily
Artificial Heart Lets Randy Shepherd Defeat 4-Mile Pat's Run In Honor Of Late Athlete -Visit

Pulse 2.0
Randy Shepherd completes a 4-mile race with an artificial heart -Visit

60-Year-Old 60-year-old Jack Jones of Nashville, Tennessee is alive today because of the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart

CAUTION – The Freedom driver is an investigational device, limited by United States law to investigational use.

ABC - Man who had artifical heart for 112 days set to leave hospital
Pilot Online - Went to sleep on vacation, woke up without his heart











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