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  • Highest bridge to human heart transplant rate of any approved heart device, 79%
  • Over 1,635 implants account for nearly 560 patient years on the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart

Physiologically Responsive Design:
Blood Flow Based on Activity Level

The SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart is the only device that pumps up to 9.5 L/min through both ventricles. The unique partial fill/full eject design of the Total Artificial Heart allows the patient’s body to determine blood flow based on activity level.

The Total Artificial Heart accepts blood based on the needs of the patient’s body at rest. The two artificial ventricles partially fill and then fully eject the amount of blood returned to the heart by the body.

During exercise, increased muscle and body movement causes more blood to enter the ventricles. The ventricles can fill with up to 30% more blood. There is no need to adjust the heart rate because the body determines the amount of blood the Total Artificial Heart pumps.


Inside each ventricle is a diaphragm responsible for pumping blood. Vacuum supplied by the pneumatic driver pulls the diaphragm down to allow blood to enter the ventricle. To eject blood, a precisely calibrated pulse of air then pushes the diaphragm to the top of the ventricle.

Source: “The SynCardia CardioWest™ Total Artificial Heart.” Slepian MJ, Smith RG, and Copeland JG. [In] Baughman and Baumgartner eds., Treatment of Advanced Heart Disease, Chapter 26, Taylor and Francis, 2006, p. 473-490.



"The Total Artificial Heart's high flow with low filling pressure provides superior perfusion to help rescue patients who are the sickest of the sick."

Dr. Latif Arusoglu 
Dr. Latif Arusoglu
Senior Physician/Heart Surgeon
Heart and Diabetes Center NRW
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany


*The SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart was formerly known as the
SynCardia temporary CardioWest™ Total Artificial Heart.

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