SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Featured on 60 Minutes Australia

Story Follows Journey of 35-Year-Old Father,
Australia’s 2nd Patient to Receive the Total Artificial Heart

SYDNEY, Australia - Sept. 26, 2010 - It’s a terrible irony. Heart disease is Australia’s biggest killer, yet we have one of the lowest organ donation rates in the world. The wait for a transplant can be agonizingly long, often it’s fatal. But there’s been some remarkable progress in recent times. Doctors can now keep their patients alive for months, even years, by hooking them up to artificial pumps. It’s amazing stuff and that’s just the start.

At 35, Wayne Griffin’s heart is failing and there’s no hope it will ever recover. Now, he has to explain to his 9-year-old daughter Ebony how he’s going to survive without it… watch video

The SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart and Human Heart
Similar to a donor heart transplant, the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart replaces both failing ventricles and the four native valves.


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Bridge-to-Life™ SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart

The SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart is approved as a
bridge-to-transplant for people dying from irreversible, end-stage biventricular failure.

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