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Bryan’s story 

A Journey of Resilience: Bryan’s Story on Life with SynCardia's Total Artificial Heart.

December 31, 2022 started out like any other day, Bryan and his wife were preparing for a day of football at the 2022 Fiesta Bowl at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ when shortly before halftime he experienced indescribable pain in his chest. Bryan managed to traverse the stairs near the top of the stadium to the concourse below. Thankfully the first aid station was located near the portal. The paramedics hooked him up to a heart monitor, determined that he was having a heart attack, and rushed him to the hospital. Due to the severity of his condition, he was air lifted to Banner University Medical Center Phoenix from the smaller local hospital in Glendale.

Bryan was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and after his heart attack, he was placed on life support. While on the machines that were keeping him alive, Bryan was heavily sedated and not able to participate in the decisions being made about his care. He tells us how grateful he is that his family had the courage to agree to the Syncardia Total Artificial Heart as a bridge to transplant. A decision that ultimately proved life-saving. 

On January 6, 2023, Bryan underwent surgical implantation of the Total Artificial Heart at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ. Of the five months he spent on support, two of them were spent in the comfort of his home using the SynCardia Freedom Driver™. His family was comforted in being able to feel his “heart” “beating” inside his chest and each day became a precious gift. 

Bryan's day-to-day experiences were remarkably normal. He could partake in activities like shopping, visiting family, indulging in food cravings (in moderation), and even cooking. Since Bryan was still regaining his strength, he used a walker to help bear the weight of carrying the Freedom driver, ensuring mobility and independence. Bryan discovered that he could eventually swing a golf club and even assist with car repairs – activities that might seem unexpected after a major medical event and subsequent surgery.

Bryan was transplanted on May 30, 2023. Post-heart transplant and after being on the device for 144 days, Bryan is in the process of adjusting to life with his new heart. 

Bryan is keen to spread awareness about the possibility of life after heart failure. The Total Artificial Heart served as a critical bridge, allowing his body to heal and grow strong in preparation for a successful heart transplant. 

If you or a family member suffer from advanced Heart Failure, are awaiting a transplant and would like to have more information about the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart please reach out to your doctor, refer to our website or contact The Unique Beating Hearts Foundation at 

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